Thinking strawberries!

This morning I am contacting schools, churches, etc. to get on their field trip schedule. We enjoy what we do, and you can taste it, but educating the younger generation of where their food comes from is exciting. And amazing.

If you know of any groups that would enjoy being a part this spring, please give them my information or send us a contact to:


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Broccoli, cabbage and collards….

We still have plenty growing in the field. Contact us when you are ready for us to pick for you.

Post here, send us an email to , facebook us at Oliver Farms Produce – Smithfield, VA or call the office 255-4563.

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Broccoli and cabbage ready next week too!

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One week away!!

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Temperatures are finally feeling like the season.

We pick collards, broccoli and cabbages every morning to order. Please email us at with name, phone number, product, quantity and day/date you wish to pickup.

We are on facebook too at Oliver Farms Produce – Smithfield, VA so be sure and like us to keep up with the latest news.

Field of collards

Sold by the head or the pound (leaf)

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Picking fall crops!

We are now picking collards and cabbage collards for your Holiday table. Email us your order at Please include your: name, phone number, product, quantity and day/date you wish to pickup.

Jimmy goes to the field between 7am-8am and cuts for orders that day. Sold by the head, when you specify a day, you can pickup anytime after 9am. We don’t sell out of a store; we pick for you – made to order!

Still growing: broccoli and cabbage. We will have all 4 crops from now til well into 2014.

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Strawberry plants all planted

Strawberry plants arrived and unpacked by 10am. Planting started, lunch break, planting again and finished at 5pm. 15,000 plants in the ground!

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Fall at the farm

Happy Fall! Hope you are enjoying the cooler temperatures as much as we are. They are a welcome sign not only for us but the fall plantings.

Currently happening on the farm? If you are on facebook, LIKE our page at Oliver Farms Produce – Smithfield, VA for up to the minute details. Also, if you are interested in any of the produce below, respond to with interest and I will put you on the list to call/email when ready.

Collards/Broccoli/Cabbage Collards
They were planted a few weeks ago when we still had the 90 degree days, survived and are progressing nicely. Hoping to upload the video of the kids planting them later today.

Snaps/Green Beans
The overwhelming demand of our summer snaps/green beans encouraged us to plant fall snaps. The are coming along nicely as well and we may begin picking them as early as next week. If you are not on the “waiting” list and want some, send an email to

This is the last of the fields for 2013.

For those new to Oliver Farms, Jimmy and I have a personal venture of making pork patty sausage – this is separate from the farm. We have a Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services inspected and certified kitchen. The sausage comes to you looking like hamburger in 1 pound (quart bag) and 5 pounds (gallon bag) that you patty yourself. Not only for breakfast, many use it in meatloaf, spaghetti sauce, lasagna, sausage balls, etc. Please be mindful that the sausage is prepared from meat cut the day we grind and only has spices – NO preservatives. We take pride in making sausage the way the older generations did and kindly request you pick it up within 2 days of our phone call. It can be in your refrigerator for 5 days 37 degrees or below before freezing.

With a busy fall harvest schedule, we don’t know exact dates of making until a couple days ahead of when we do it! Rainy days or breaks between crops give us the time and opportunity to make so I keep a running list on this as well. Sending us an email now puts you on the list to call/email when we make.

DETAILS: $5 a pound for a quart bag or $20 a gallon/5 pounds. Please order yours early so we can plan accordingly; I will call/email you the day before we make to schedule the day for pickup.

The chickens are still busy at work. $3.50 a dozen. I am compiling a dedicated email group to send to so if interested, please send an email with EGGS in the subject line.

Questions? Please email me back here. To pre-order please send name, phone number and quantity to

Jimmy and Pamela Oliver

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