Closed for ripening

We will close again today for ripening. Last weeks cool, cloudy days slowed down ripening. While I did see red in the field, I am confident better picking days are ahead.


About Oliver Farms Produce

Located in Smithfield, Oliver Farms, LLC is a working row crop farm with fresh summer produce sold on site as Oliver Farm Produce. We begin each produce year with strawberries in late April while the planting of our summer produce is just beginning. In late June through August we open the door to the "strawberry shack" where we have produce fresh picked daily: sweet corn, butterbeans, edamame and crowder peas. Fall/Thanksgiving and Christmas we re-open the shack where we will sell: collards, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts and kale - cut the same day you pick up!! Customers can pre-order by emailing:
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2 Responses to Closed for ripening

  1. Maggie DeTar-Lavallee says:

    How do the strawberries look for picking tomorrow?

    • I am just seeing this, sorry. I would suggest getting on our email –; our facebook Oliver Farms Produce – Smithfield, VA or you can always call the phone 757-255-4563.
      The sunshine and warmth are needed. We have strawberries, you just gotta move over the field and not spend time in one spot – which I how I like to pick them.
      Hurricane Matthew did a number on us and this is a learning year as we navigate without the plastic. Stay tuned by any of the three listed above.

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