Happy Pre-July 4th!!

Many of you I am sure will be busy enjoying the celebrations today and Tuesday. I am currently updating our spreadsheet with orders and wanted to make sure you get on our pre-order list. So…….
Sweet corn is loving all the rain. We have 3 fields that are coming along nicely. We anticipate beginning to pick mid-late July. We are still taking pre-orders at orders@oliverproduce.com. Butterbeans and crowders will probably be August. Snaps are cracking the ground!
Please include your name, product, quantity and best phone number to contact once we harvest.
We call and schedule sweet corn because we pull that early the morning you plan to pickup.
We have a running pre-order list for making. Rainy weather, and a certain poundage on the list, has us making sausage even in the summer months. So, don’t be afraid to pre-order anytime of year.
We are now offering field trip opportunities for school group, scouts, youth or any interested groups that are curious about our venture with Dominion Energy. Please share with your friends, teachers and/or contact me for details. We are currently scheduling for fall 2017 and spring 2018 season.

About Oliver Farms Produce

Located in Smithfield, Oliver Farms, LLC is a working row crop farm with fresh summer produce sold on site as Oliver Farm Produce. We begin each produce year with strawberries in late April while the planting of our summer produce is just beginning. In late June through August we open the door to the "strawberry shack" where we have produce fresh picked daily: sweet corn, butterbeans, edamame and crowder peas. Fall/Thanksgiving and Christmas we re-open the shack where we will sell: collards, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts and kale - cut the same day you pick up!! Customers can pre-order by emailing: orders@oliverproduce.com
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