With a few weeks before Christmas, we are trying to plan…. Please read in its entirety.
No set hours for now but we will gladly pick/cut for THE day you request pickup.
Collard leaves are $1.50 pound-we can pick plastic grocery bag full and upwards of trash bags for the collard lover or Christmas parties!
Cabbage: .75 cents a pound; the sizes are usually $3-$5.
Kale or Hanover Salad: $2 pound or plastic grocery bag for $5.
We will be making several times over the next couple weeks. Same price as years past: a gallon bag/5lbs for $20 or quart bag/1lb for $5.
We will be making our regular recipe but will also be making a special batch of hot. In ordering, please put in the subject line HOT if that is what you want; otherwise, we will make regular for you. (If you have already ordered from a previous email and wish to have hot, send another email and let me know if you prefer the hot).
2. INCLUDE INFO: Let me know quantity and the best phone number to contact you.
Orders can be placed in one of two methods:
Email-orders@oliverproduce.com OR text/call 757-255-4563. Please include name, product and best phone number to contact you.
Please share the news with family and friends as we keep growing thanks to friends like you! To get the latest news sign up for emails at news@oliverproduce.com with name, city and best phone number to contact you when orders are ready for pickup.

About Oliver Farms Produce

Located in Smithfield, Oliver Farms, LLC is a working row crop farm with fresh summer produce sold on site as Oliver Farm Produce. In late June through August, we open the door to "The Shack" where we have produce fresh picked daily: sweet corn, butterbeans, and crowder peas. Fall/Thanksgiving and Christmas we re-open the shack where we will sell: collards, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts and kale - cut the same day you pick up!! Customers can pre-order by emailing: orders@oliverproduce.com
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