Produce open Tuesday 10am-

I will be at the farm Tuesday at 10am; Saturday hours to be announced later. We will be picking:

Collards – by the leaf. (plastic grocery bag full or larger amounts in trash bags)
Hanover salad and kale
Brussell sprouts are ready too!
Taking orders for making sausage again before Christmas. $20 gallon bag/5lbs or $5 quart bag/1lb. CHRISTMAS SPECIAL- we will also be making a hot batch in addition to our regular. So please specify which you would like.
Please keep in mind, I pick when you want to pickup so if you would like Tuesday Dec. 12 please give me a heads up or perhaps be prepared to wait while I pick upon your arrival. You can place your order either by email at or by text/call 757-255-4563.
Sign up for email blasts at or our facebook: Oliver Farm Produce – Smithfield, VA for pictures or hours.

About Oliver Farms Produce

Located in Smithfield, Oliver Farms, LLC is a working row crop farm with fresh summer produce sold on site as Oliver Farm Produce. In late June through August, we open the door to "The Shack" where we have produce fresh picked daily: sweet corn, butterbeans, and crowder peas. Fall/Thanksgiving and Christmas we re-open the shack where we will sell: collards, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts and kale - cut the same day you pick up!! Customers can pre-order by emailing:
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