The Farm in Pictures

1 Response to The Farm in Pictures

  1. Thanks for coming by today. Saturdays are when familes like to come and pick so we don’t pre-pick in order for them to not waste a trip with an early, picked out field. If you could give me 24 hour notice, I will gladly pick during the week.

    As for the other produce, you can monitor, send us an email at (include name, city and phone number) and you will get updates, or you can pre-order and I will keep it on a spreadsheet and call when ready for pickup.

    As for sweetness, not sure of the time you came today, but perhaps you didn’t get the ripest of berries. Leaving some (or all) out on your counter will speed the ripening and make them sweeter quicker than storing in fridge.

    Thanks for visiting and hope you will come again.

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