2018 Produce Prices



Collards: $1.50 pound for leaves; $2-$4 a plant

Kale: $2 pound or $5 for a plastic grocery bag full

Cabbage: 75 cents a pound

Beets: $1.75 pound

Sweet Potatoes: $1 pound


Strawberries: 18-24 hour notice for pre-picked (May-mid-June)


Corn: $5 dozen/ 100 ears $35
Butterbeans and crowder peas: $25, 5 pounds/gallon bag. (2 bags is a bushel plus); $6, quart bag

Snaps/Green Beans: $1.75 pound or $35 bushel

The above items vary by season in the store. Pre-orders are especially important on large quantities of corn and is best to reserve butterbeans and crowder peas as they sell out before they are picked. Also occasionally available: squashes, tomatoes and watermelons.


12 Responses to 2018 Produce Prices

  1. Karen says:

    Are the squash, tomatoes and cucumbers and corn all local?? Would like to know prices as well. Thanks, Karen

  2. Betty Burchett says:

    Is your corn GMO?

  3. Joyce Green says:

    When will your corn be ready- what kind is it? And do you still have crowder peas? Will you have squash etc this weekend?

    • Things are running late this year. Thinking the second week of July. We have sugar enhanced varieties. It is not silverqueen.
      Yes we have crowders they will be close to late July, August.
      No produce this weekend. We are looking to hopefully open the second week of July.
      You can pre-order by sending an email to orders@oliverproduce.com.

      We are on facebook too at Oliver Farms Produce – Smithfield, VA

  4. Deanna Waldee says:

    How much are your eggs and do you have green beans available?

    • We don’t currently have eggs. Green beans will be available for fall. Making a list to call when they are ready, so if you’d like to be on the list send an email to orders@oliverproduce.com with name, phone number and quantity.
      Also if on facebook, become a fan and like us at Oliver Farms Produce – Smithfield, VA

    • We don’t have eggs any longer.

      Like everything this year, green beans are slow to come this year. We will have a limited crop and will be filling what orders we already have.

      Fall crops: broccoli, cabbage and collards will be planted soon and ready for Thanksgiving. Email us at orders@oliverproduce.com to place your order.

  5. Datosha Jackson says:

    What are the prices on the strawberries

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