Open Saturday, Sept. 22 9-noon.

THIS SATURDAY is the first day of Fall so to celebrate we will be at The Shack 9am-noon with corn cob bundles, corn stalks bundles, and cotton wreaths.

Pictured here are SOME of what we currently have available.

Cotton stalks for decoration will be available in the coming weeks once they have shed their leaves.


We have planted collards, cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale and beets this week. Anticipate 2 weeks before Thanksgiving for pickup; pre-order at anytime by sending us an email: or call/text 757-255-4563 with your name, product and best phone number to be reached at.


We are compiling a list and will be making soon. If you’ve already pre-ordered, we will be making soon! Corn harvest followed by cotton harvest-we will wiggle a making or two in; your patience is appreciated!

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The 2018 Summer Produce season is done. We were blessed with a busy corn, butterbean and crowder pea season.

FALL DECORATIONS: Corn stalks and cotton stalks for sale this fall too!

FALL PRODUCE: We now turn our attention to row crop (corn, cotton and soybean) harvest and planting fall produce – collards, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, beets, etc that will be harvested for Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can pre-order by sending an email with your name, best phone number and product interested in. Quantities can be determined later, unless you know now.

PORK SAUSAGE: Our bulk pork sausage order spreadsheet is now being compiled so feel free to email us at with your name, best phone number, size and quantity needed. We will contact you as soon as we make. Gallon bag is 5lbs for $20; quart bag is 1lb for $5.

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Thank you!

The 2018 Summer season of butterbeans, crowder/southern field peas is officially over. Thank you for everyone who supported us.
We hope to see you in the fall with:
collards, cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, beets, bulk pork sausage and more. Preorder to be put on the list: and we will contact you when we start harvest.

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Tallying for the final days

We are tallying orders for butterbeans and crowder/southern field peas as we wait for harvest of the final fields for 2018.
If you’ve been waiting, wait no longer or you may miss out!
$25 5lbs/gallon bag or $6 1lb/quart.

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Crowder/Southern Field peas and butterbeans still to come.

We are currently between fields but anticipate filling orders again later this week. If you are interested in either, please call/text 757-255-4563 with your name, best contact phone number, product and quantity.

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Butterbeans this week, crowder peas coming, sweet corn finished!


Butterbeans ready to bag

2012-08-14 18.22.35

WHAT ARE CROWDER PEAS? (Pictured here in 2011 before picking through and bagging in one or five pound bags) Field peas, crowder peas, blackeye peas are all part of a larger species of beans commonly called “cowpeas” or “Southern peas.” They are commonly grown in the South because they adapt well to our heat-tolerant, and drought-resistant area. Their flavor and texture are similar to blackeye peas. With a rich and hearty flavor, it creates a dark pot liquor when cooked. Crowder peas are delicious when cooked with smoked pork, onions, and garlic sauteed in butter. I love one pot meals!!!!

We are currently harvesting the second of five fields of butterbeans and purple hull crowders are looking to be available soon too!
Pre-order by texting/calling 757-255-4563 or email
5lbs/gallon bag is $25 each for either crop.

We lost both our last field of sweet corn and field of snaps/green beans to the weather.

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Latest on produce

We are currently in between fields of sweet corn and continue to take orders on corn as well as butterbeans and crowder peas. To get on the list, please send an email to with name, product, quantity and best phone number to be reached when we begin to harvest we will call to schedule pickup.
Products and prices can be found on our website.

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