No strawberries but we do have…..

Sausage, sweet corn, butter beans, and crowder peas.
Getting on the pre-order list is easy. Email your name, product, phone number and quantity to We will contact you to schedule pickup once we begin harvest.

Currently, we are making sausage monthly so don’t wait for us to post, get on the pre-order list!


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Need Sausage?

Email your name to with phone number, size bag and number of bags. 1lb/quart bag is $5; 5lbs/gallon is $20.

You will go on a pre-order list. Hoping to make later this week.

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Farm Update

We are planning on making our sausage monthly. We maintain a running spreadsheet so pre-order by sending an email to -we will call when we make.
This is a personal venture of making bulk pork sausage – this is separate from the farm. We have a Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services inspected and certified kitchen. The sausage comes to you looking like hamburger in 1 pound (quart bag) and 5 pounds (gallon bag) that you patty yourself. Not only for breakfast, many use it in meatloaf, spaghetti sauce, lasagna, sausage balls, etc. 


Please be mindful that the sausage is prepared from meat cut the day we grind and only has spices – NO preservatives. We take pride in making sausage the way the older generations did and kindly request you pick it up within 2 days of our phone call. It can be in your refrigerator for 5 days 37 degrees or below before freezing. 
Taking orders for making. $20 5 pounds/gallon bag or $5 1 pound/quart bag. EMAIL ORDERS@OLIVERPRODUCE.COM with the BEST phone number and quantity you are looking to get.
STRAWBERRIES: We will not have strawberries this year.
SUMMER VEGETABLES:  Sweet corn, butterbeans and crowder peas.
Pre-order at since we sell out of butterbeans BEFORE we even harvest, I strongly recommend sending us an email early to get on the list. We keep a spreadsheet of your interest or amount you want of all our produce. When harvest begins, I contact customers on our spreadsheet before I send out emails or post to facebook. Early bird gets the goodies in this case!

Everything is picked fresh the day you want to pickup.
SHARE OUR EMAIL ADDRESS WITH YOUR FRIENDS: Being on our email list,, gets you a heads up to our season. When they respond to the above email address, please include name and city.
Our FACEBOOK: Oliver Farms Produce – Smithfield, VA  is another way to know what’s happening on the farm.
Hope to see you at the farm this year!
Jimmy and Pamela Oliver
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This is a busy time of year for us as we not only get regular row crops in but we get busy with making PORK BULK SAUSAGE. Available in gallon or quart bags; seasoned mild or hot.
Email: orders@oliverproduce.comwith name, size bag, quantity flavor and best phone number to be put on the pre-order list. We will contact you to schedule pickup.

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Open Saturday, Sept. 22 9-noon.

THIS SATURDAY is the first day of Fall so to celebrate we will be at The Shack 9am-noon with corn cob bundles, corn stalks bundles, and cotton wreaths.

Pictured here are SOME of what we currently have available.

Cotton stalks for decoration will be available in the coming weeks once they have shed their leaves.


We have planted collards, cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale and beets this week. Anticipate 2 weeks before Thanksgiving for pickup; pre-order at anytime by sending us an email: or call/text 757-255-4563 with your name, product and best phone number to be reached at.


We are compiling a list and will be making soon. If you’ve already pre-ordered, we will be making soon! Corn harvest followed by cotton harvest-we will wiggle a making or two in; your patience is appreciated!

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The 2018 Summer Produce season is done. We were blessed with a busy corn, butterbean and crowder pea season.

FALL DECORATIONS: Corn stalks and cotton stalks for sale this fall too!

FALL PRODUCE: We now turn our attention to row crop (corn, cotton and soybean) harvest and planting fall produce – collards, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, beets, etc that will be harvested for Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can pre-order by sending an email with your name, best phone number and product interested in. Quantities can be determined later, unless you know now.

PORK SAUSAGE: Our bulk pork sausage order spreadsheet is now being compiled so feel free to email us at with your name, best phone number, size and quantity needed. We will contact you as soon as we make. Gallon bag is 5lbs for $20; quart bag is 1lb for $5.

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Thank you!

The 2018 Summer season of butterbeans, crowder/southern field peas is officially over. Thank you for everyone who supported us.
We hope to see you in the fall with:
collards, cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, beets, bulk pork sausage and more. Preorder to be put on the list: and we will contact you when we start harvest.

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