2 Responses to Butterbeans

  1. Wilton Britt says:

    Guessing butterbean field didn’t make it

    • We tried, we really did.
      But with the first frost Saturday morning we went to pick butterbeans the day before. If we would have had an extra 2-3 weeks, we may have had another crop but alas, the size was not viable.
      That said, if you would like to be the FIRST OF 2018 BUTTERBEAN CROP, please respond with an email to news@oliverproduce.com with BUTTERBEANS YES in the subject line.
      While said frost is not good for the butterbeans, everyone is excited for the frost on the collards, kale and cabbage. We will have some pickups next week in the morning and open Saturday Nov 18; Monday Nov 20-Wednesday 22 8am with closing hours to be posted later. If you haven’t already, please email us at orders@oliverproduce.com to get on the pickup list.

      Pamela Oliver

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