UPDATE-field on honor system

We started the season April 20. 5 weeks picking and rains have made a enjoyable experience a task today. The field is open for you to pick what you can and pay what you feel is fair. The flavor is still good, it’s just the availablilty and damaged berries that leave us cautioning our customers. (Keeping in mind, I wouldn’t drive a long way. Local customers, this is for your picking pleasure).

SO, while I anticipate berries coming next week, maybe even this weekend, today and tomorrow are more work than it’s worth. Holiday weekends are when people want to come – either to take some with you or for the family fun event. Just be advised – this is the condition of the field near seasons end.

We appreciate your patience and support this year through the cold and the wet. Here at Oliver Farms, we love what we do and this part of the season is the toughest because while berries are out there, it’s a job to pick them.

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Field opens at 8am

We will be open for you pick only for the rest of the season. Hard to believe the season started over a month ago – April 20.

We are nearing the end of the season: plants are putting on runners and berries are not as easy to come by. Picking time is longer as the season ends and as you watch for the damaged berries from all of the recent rain.

We plan on the field being open all weekend and Memorial Day but please check back for picking updates by visiting here, our facebook Oliver Farms Produce-Smithfield, VA or calling 757-255-4563.

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The field is open til 7pm. Please keep in mind, the season is perhaps another 10-14 days.
Picking all depends on where you are in the field, and time of day, as to how plentiful they are.

If you are a casual, love the country air picking atmosphere, we are still good in the afternoon/evening-come on over. If you have somewhere to be and only have a few minutes and want them to jump in your basket, earlier in the day is your best chance for that.

Don’t let this season pass you by, come see us over the next few days to freeze, preserve or enjoy the fruits of labor.

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New colors came in today!


T-shirts available in a variety of colors. Come and get ‘Em.

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The field will be open 8am-7pm this week. The sun, and warmer temperatures, have finally returned for your picking pleasure.

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Closed Sunday and Monday

Looking at the weather for the week, we are PLANNING to be open Tuesday -Friday 8am-7pm. Saturday 8am opening but unsure of closing time.

I am hoping this helps you in planning a day but ALWAYS check our website, Facebook or 757-255-4563 before coming. Especially late afternoon or evening picking as I update if the field gets picked out.

As always, we appreciate your support and understanding as we battle with the weather!

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Closed Sunday

Will post about Monday later.

Looking at the strawberries, we hope to have another 10-14 days once the sun shines again.

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