Fall is here! Taking orders….

Happy Fall!
I want to give an update to what is currently happening on the farm and a reminder that if you are on facebook, remember to LIKE our page at Oliver Farms Produce – Smithfield, VA for up to the minute details. Also, if you are interested in any of the produce below, respond to orders@oliverproduce.com with interest and I will put you on the list to call/email when ready.
Planted a few weeks ago, they can be seen growing next to the barn yard. Ready for your Thanksgiving and Christmas table, we will let you know once we begin picking. If you have a specific date, please include that in the order.
New this year, kale. Last year I made kale chips and someone sent me a recipe for soup!
For those new to Oliver Farms, Jimmy and I have a personal venture of making pork patty sausage – this is separate from the farm. We have a Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services inspected and certified kitchen. The sausage comes to you looking like hamburger in 1 pound (quart bag) and 5 pounds (gallon bag) that you patty yourself. Not only for breakfast, many use it in meatloaf, spaghetti sauce, lasagna, sausage balls, etc.

Please be mindful that the sausage is prepared from meat cut the day we grind and only has spices – NO preservatives. We take pride in making sausage the way the older generations did and kindly request you pick it up within 2 days of our phone call. It can be in your refrigerator for 5 days 37 degrees or below before freezing.

With a busy fall harvest schedule, we don’t know exact dates of making until a couple days ahead of when we do it! Rainy days or breaks between crops give us the time and opportunity to make so I keep a running list on this as well.  Sending us an email now puts you on the list to call/email when we make.

Questions? Please email me news@oliverproduce.com. To pre-order please send name, phone number and quantity to orders@oliverproduce.com If you have a specific date which you’d like produce once we begin picking, please let us know.
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Thank you!!

Thank you for your support of our summer produce that has now come to an end for 2015.

Soon, we will begin planting of our fall crops: collards, broccoli, and cabbage. They should be ready mid-November; we are taking pre-orders at orders@oliverproduce.com

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Crowder/field peas are ready. We are shelling today and next week for pickup. Please call 255-4563 or email us at orders@oliverproduce.com 1 pound/quart for $5 or 5 pounds/gallon for $23.

If you haven’t ever had them, they are a great “one pot meal”. We cook our with onions and smoked meat. Others throw in tomatoes, snaps, etc. They are a hearty, filling vegetable.

Butterbeans and sweet corn still to come. While the crowders loved the weather we have had, butterbeans are in a holding pattern!

Share this news with your friends. Crowders are a short time crop so you don’t want to miss them!!

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Butterbeans, crowder peas and corn

They  are loving this weather. You still have time to pre-order. Send an email to orders@oliverproduce.com with item, quantity and best phone number to reach you.

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Get your pre-orders in!

The first field of sweet corn is in the history books. We have more to come but I fill pre-orders before I let the general public know

Butterbeans should be ready in the next week to 10 days. We have 4 fields of those so they should keep us busy til sometime in August.

Crowders are coming along nicely as well.

Tomatoes, squashes, eggplant, sweet potatoes, red potatoes AND popcorn is growing nicely near the shack. Hoping to have some when sweet corn orders are picked up.

All can be pre-ordered at orders@oliverproduce.com and follow us on facebook at Oliver Farms Produce – Smithfield, VA for the latest.

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Summer produce is closer than its been.

Squashes have been coming in with other produce soon to come.
I made the following yesterday with our yellow squash, a bag of frozen Oliver sweet corn and tomatoes. A nice alternative!!

Yellow or Zucchini Squash Casserole
1/2 cup chopped onion
3 Tablespoons melted butter
4 med ears of corn (I used 3 cups frozen)
3 fresh tomatoes ( I eyeballed with a few more)
4 medium squash, thinnily sliced
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1 cup croutons
1/2 cup grated cheese
dash of garlic
dash of oregano (I left this out)

Saute the onion in the butter. Add all ingredients, except cheese and croutons. Stir together and heat until bubbly. Lower heat and cover; about 25 minutes. Remove from heat and put into a 9×13 baking dish. Cover with cheese and croutons. Place in a warm over just to melt the cheese. (The mixture was so hot when I put in the dish, I put the cheese and croutons on and put in the microwave oven where it melted without energy)

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Thank you

Thank you for another great strawberry season, the best one so far! Weather was perfect, plants loved the spring and kept putting on new, juicy sweet berries. But alas, all good things must come to an end. The field is now officially closed as we prepare for summer produce and begin to get that area ready for our fall crops – collards, cabbage and broccoli!

I have told many new strawberry customers about our pork sausage. We take pre-orders and are currently compiling a list. We will notify you when we make to ensure you are in town and available to pickup within 2 days of our making it. Pork and spices are the only ingredients used in our VA Dept. of Agriculture inspected kitchen.
We are anticipating opening up at “The Shack” the last week of June/first of July with sweet corn! Other produce – butterbeans, crowder peas, snaps/green beans, melons, squashes, tomatoes, eggplants and other summer goodies are growing near the shack and may be available from time to time. All may be pre-ordered.
Broccoli, cabbage and collards will be planted where the strawberries once grew. What’s better on your holiday table than this fresh fall produce and Oliver butterbeans!
PRE-ORDERS TAKEN AT ORDERS@OLIVERPRODUCE.COM. Please include name, product and best number to contact you at.
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