It’s that time of year…

Ordering seed for the upcoming season. Cleaning debris from the strawberry field last week and this week while the temperatures are favorable.

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Currently on the farm….

Jimmy and I have a personal venture of making bulk pork sausage – this is separate from the farm. We have a Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services inspected and certified kitchen. The sausage comes to you looking like hamburger in 1 pound (quart bag) and 5 pounds (gallon bag) that you patty yourself. Not only for breakfast, many use it in meatloaf, spaghetti sauce, lasagna, sausage balls, etc.
Please be mindful that the sausage is prepared from meat cut the day we grind and only has spices – NO preservatives. We take pride in making sausage the way the older generations did and kindly request you pick it up within 2 days of our phone call. It can be in your refrigerator for 5 days 37 degrees or below before freezing.
Taking orders for making. $20 5 pounds/gallon bag or $5 1 pound/quart bag. EMAIL ORDERS@OLIVERPRODUCE.COM with the BEST phone number and quantity you are looking to get.
SPRING-STRAWBERRIES:  Strawberry season will be here before we know it. We are you pick or we pick.
Currently, I am working on scheduling groups – albeit field trips for schools or church groups – for the upcoming season. If you know of someone that might be interested, please forward this or send me their contact information and I will get them the information. Before going in the field, I tell them about whats involved in strawberry production. Always nice to know where your food comes from!
VEGETABLES: Catalogs are arriving almost daily of goodies this summer.
SUMMER-Our talent lies in sweet corn, butterbeans and crowder peas but what other things might you be interested in? I’m listening.
Pre-order at since we sell out of butterbeans BEFORE we even harvest, I strongly recommend sending us an email early to get on the list. We keep a spreadsheet of your interest or amount you want of all our produce. When harvest begins, I contact customers on our spreadsheet before I send out emails or post to facebook. Early bird gets the goodies in this case!
FALL-Collards, cabbage, broccoli, kale, beets, brussel sprouts and a few other surprises.
Everything is picked fresh the day you want to pickup.
SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS: Being on our email lists,, gets you a heads up to our season. Our facebook: Oliver Farms Produce – Smithfield, VA  is another ways to know whats happening on the farm.
Hope to see you at the farm this year!
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Twas the week before Christmas…

Collards and cabbage are still available for your table or freezer.

Since we pick/cut the day you want for pickup, please contact us at OR text/call 757-255-4563 and we will contact you for pickup.

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Produce open Tuesday 10am-

I will be at the farm Tuesday at 10am; Saturday hours to be announced later. We will be picking:

Collards – by the leaf. (plastic grocery bag full or larger amounts in trash bags)
Hanover salad and kale
Brussell sprouts are ready too!
Taking orders for making sausage again before Christmas. $20 gallon bag/5lbs or $5 quart bag/1lb. CHRISTMAS SPECIAL- we will also be making a hot batch in addition to our regular. So please specify which you would like.
Please keep in mind, I pick when you want to pickup so if you would like Tuesday Dec. 12 please give me a heads up or perhaps be prepared to wait while I pick upon your arrival. You can place your order either by email at or by text/call 757-255-4563.
Sign up for email blasts at or our facebook: Oliver Farm Produce – Smithfield, VA for pictures or hours.
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With a few weeks before Christmas, we are trying to plan…. Please read in its entirety.
No set hours for now but we will gladly pick/cut for THE day you request pickup.
Collard leaves are $1.50 pound-we can pick plastic grocery bag full and upwards of trash bags for the collard lover or Christmas parties!
Cabbage: .75 cents a pound; the sizes are usually $3-$5.
Kale or Hanover Salad: $2 pound or plastic grocery bag for $5.
We will be making several times over the next couple weeks. Same price as years past: a gallon bag/5lbs for $20 or quart bag/1lb for $5.
We will be making our regular recipe but will also be making a special batch of hot. In ordering, please put in the subject line HOT if that is what you want; otherwise, we will make regular for you. (If you have already ordered from a previous email and wish to have hot, send another email and let me know if you prefer the hot).
2. INCLUDE INFO: Let me know quantity and the best phone number to contact you.
Orders can be placed in one of two methods: OR text/call 757-255-4563. Please include name, product and best phone number to contact you.
Please share the news with family and friends as we keep growing thanks to friends like you! To get the latest news sign up for emails at with name, city and best phone number to contact you when orders are ready for pickup.
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It’s not too late.

The Strawberry Shack will be open Tuesday and Wednesday 10am-1pm (at least).
We are close to finishing cotton harvest – which is where I disappear every afternoon. I may stay later, or be available to meet you later, if you contact us. We cut collards in the morning, so if you can let us know the night before, it helps to have them ready when you arrive.
Pre-orders for collards (by the leaf, $1.50lb or plant, $2-$4 depending on size), kale and cabbage can be placed at or call/text 757-255-4563. Please leave a message if I am unable to answer. I will return the call.
We will be making sausage many times before Christmas so send an email to get on the pre-order list.
Wishing everyone a fun filled and healthy Thanksgiving.
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Thanksgiving is coming

The Strawberry Shack will be open today 9am-1pm.

Monday-Wednesday 9am opening; closing to be determined.

Pre-orders for collards (by the leaf or plant), kale, cabbage and sausage can be placed at or call/text 757-255-4563.

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