Snaps/green beans/string beans

This week only. Young, tender and tasty. $35 bushel; $20 half bushel or $1.75 pound. CALL 757-255-4563 to reserve.


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14102437_1181082191952473_3616219664310422289_nMother Nature has thrown us many curves this season: Wet, cool planting then dry and hot growing conditions. We have been watering from our spring fed pond daily/hourly!!
WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN to call, they just aren’t ready! At this point, we anticipate sometime in September and into October.
We will be calling those who have pre-ordered.
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Friday morning SPECIAL


Early bird special – $1.50lb this morning.

Recipes on our email or Facebook – Oliver Farms Produce – Smithfield, VA

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This week at the farm

Closed again today – thanking God for the rain yesterday!
Thursday-Saturday we will in full swing for scheduled pickup for crowder peas – I will be calling once in the bag!
Edamame, spaghetti squash and short sleeve t-shirts are available. Hours to come.
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Hours posted daily

2012-08-14 18.22.35

Crowder peas almost ready to pick

Monday hours: 8:30am.-2pm or call to schedule an evening pickup.

This week, we will be picking: crowder peas, edamame, and spaghetti squash. (The latter two are in great supply so drop by to get yours!!)
(If you pre-order, please either do by phone/text 255-4563 or email Commenting here is not always seen and thus missed.)
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August update

Good morning. Here is an update of what’s happening on the farm.
SPAGHETTI SQUASH: Freshly picked and ready for pickup.
EDAMAME: Available today by the pound or the bushel. Fresh picked and ready for pickup.
Some interesting facts about edamame: lots of protein, calcium, fiber and loaded with healthy amounts of vitamins A and B. Soybeans are full of a class of phytochemicals called isoflavones. While the research is not definitive, but suggests that these isoflavones may reduce the risk of cancer, lower cholesterol, and help prevent heart disease and osteoporosis. They may also significantly alleviate the symptoms of menopause. (Info from
I will have cooked samples to try too! Sprinkled with sea salt, they have a buttery taste you have to try if you’ve never tasted them
BUTTERBEANS: Finally picking. We will be calling if you are on the pre-order list. We are currently harvesting field 3 of 5. Filling pre-orders this week and taking pre-orders for the subsequent fields to come.
CROWDER PEAS: Coming soon too!
SNAPS/GREEN BEANS: We lost the field to the heat we had last week. BUT because of the interest/orders, we will be planting fall snaps that will be ready the end of September to mid-October. Many think fall snaps are sweeter anyway! SO if you didn’t order any, know we will be having in the fall and taking pre-orders now.
T-SHIRTS: Short sleeves are still available in a variety of colors.
HOURS: Vary with the crop we are in. Always best to call before coming if we haven’t scheduled a pickup. 255-4563.
SWEET CORN is sold out for this year. It was late, but many exclaimed it was the sweetest they’ve ever had.
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Summer 2016 updatae

Sweet corn – SOLD OUT image

THIS WEEK WE WILL BE PICKING: Edamame, butterbeans and maybe snaps/green beans. NEW THIS YEAR: Dried beans for soup –  $2 pound AND T-shirts for sale too!!

I will be calling pre-order to schedule pickup but its not too late to get your name on the list! Send an email to or text/call 757-255-4563 with name, product, quantity and BEST number to call.

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